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Why You Need to Install a Two-Stage Gas Furnace

When the time comes to replace your old furnace, you want to be sure you are making the right choice for your family and home. Your furnace is responsible for keeping you and your loved ones cozy during the wintertime, and when the time comes to replace you want to make the best decision for your family and your home.  Lots of homeowners are making the switch to two-stage gas furnaces because they offer significant benefits over a single stage furnace.

How Is a Two-Stage Gas Furnace Different from a Single-Stage Furnace?

In a single stage furnace, the furnace is either on or off.  A two-stage furnace has the ability to come on at a lower capacity as well as fully on.  In North Texas’s mild winters that allows you to use up to 50% less gas by having the furnace run at the lower capacity.   Your two-stage furnace will determine whether it needs to come on at full capacity or partial automatically.

Benefits of Two-Stage Gas Furnaces

Old furnaces waste a ton of energy, drive your utility bills through the roof, and fail to keep your home and family comfortable. If your system is on its way out the door, you should consider installing a two-stage gas furnace.

By installing a two-stage gas furnace, you can enjoy:

  • Better efficiency: While two-stage furnaces operate for longer periods of time, they actually consume far less energy than single-stage furnaces thanks to their ability to operate at a lower setting.
  • More consistent heating: Temperature swings are very common with single-stage furnaces because they blast your home with large amounts of heat and then shut off. Two-stage furnaces on the other hand operate longer and at a lower setting, which eliminates temperature dips and spikes and provides your home with much more even heating.
  • Less system cycling: Single-stage furnaces are known for cycling on and off all day long, which can create temperature swings and puts a lot of strain on the system. On the other hand, two-stage furnaces operate for longer, eliminating frustrating short cycles. This also prevents future breakdowns and prolongs the life of your system.
  • Better air quality: The extra-long heating cycles that two-stage furnaces are known for allow air to be filtered more often. By removing even more particles from your air, you can enjoy much healthier air quality.

AC Genius Keeps Your Home Comfortable

When you’re ready to ditch your old heater, turn to the heating and air conditioning experts from AC Genius. As a third-generation, family-owned company, you can count on us to treat your home as if it were our own. We are here to understand your comfort needs and select and install the perfect system for you and your family.

AC Genius has been keeping families comfortable since 1962. Call us at (817) 341-5160 today to schedule a two-stage gas furnace installation.


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