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Should I Repair or Replace My AC?

Repair or Replace Your AC

One of the most challenging dilemmas homeowners face is whether it’s time to repair or replace. Sometimes it’s a car, other times it’s a computer. But we’re here to talk about your air conditioner.

Many factors go into the decision to repair or replace your AC. We break down the signs for each and help you figure out which is the right path for you.

Signs You Need a Repair

A broken AC is usually obvious, but there are signals that something is amiss, even if your home still feels cool. If your AC is under ten years old, most problems can be solved with a repair from a qualified technician.

Some of the most common signs that your AC needs repair are:

  • Leaking
  • Strange noises
  • Bad odors
  • Physical damage
  • Poor air quality
  • The system keeps turning on and off
  • Inaccurate temperatures

Any of these issues can be frustrating, especially when it means your AC isn’t working properly. It’s important to call your local technician to diagnose the problem when any of these symptoms arise.

You can also do your own troubleshooting to see if the problem is minor and can be fixed with some elbow grease. Awareness is key, so make sure to conduct frequent inspections of your system to keep an eye out for potential problems. Similarly, if you notice any of the above symptoms, see if you can pinpoint the area in which the problem originated. This will help the HVAC technician decide the best course of action.

Signs You Need a Replacement

While repairs can be a suitable option, sometimes larger issues are just not able to be fixed. Plus, sometimes the problem at hand doesn’t make sense to repair, as it would be cheaper or more reasonable just to get a new unit.

Once your unit is over ten years of age, you should be thinking about your next unit. Not only do older units tend to break down more, costing you more in repairs, but their efficiency is much lower compared to newer units. If you’ve noticed that your energy bills just keep going up, it may be time for a new AC.

Another factor in whether or not you should replace your AC is what type of refrigerant it uses. Older models are still using R22 coolant, which has recently been banned from production and import. Thus, AC units that use R22 will be harder to service as the product goes out of production. Newer units use a different coolant and are immune from this issue.

Also, if you’ve been getting repairs constantly over the past few years, it’s likely a sign that the AC is nearing the end of its life.

How to Make the Decision

Here comes the hard part. Essentially, you’ll need to weigh the options and the cost of the project with your needs and budget. Is the cost of the repair comparable to that of a replacement? Is your AC on its way out anyway? Are you looking for your home to be more comfortable than you’ve been experiencing? These are all signs that point to a replacement.

However, sometimes you have a great system that is reliable and has kept your home comfortable. When that system has a fixable problem, it won’t make sense to replace it. This is why it’s important to have an HVAC technician you trust. They can help guide you through the decision-making process with your best interests in mind.

Your Trusted HVAC Team

When you need a team to reliably diagnose and fix your air conditioning, AC Genius is the right choice. Contact us today at (817) 341-5160 to consult with one of our experts on whether you need an AC repair or replacement.


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