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Emergency AC Repairs in Fort Worth, TX

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Your air conditioner could go down at any time—on a long Texas night or a hot summer weekend. That’s why AC Genius offers emergency AC service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Backed by three generations of experience, our family-owned and operated business is committed to always being there for this community, and has a long history of going above and beyond for those we serve. With our highly trained and certified technicians, each equipped with a fully stocked service truck, you’ll never have to worry about receiving the level of service and equipment you are looking for. And with a reputation for fast, efficient, and reliable work, you can always trust AC Genius when you need emergency AC repairs.

To request emergency AC repairs across Dallas-Fort Worth, or anywhere in the surrounding areas, call (817) 341-5160.

Do I Need Emergency AC Service?

We’ve seen firsthand what can happen when you wait to deal with air conditioning problems, and the results aren’t pretty. That’s why when it comes to AC repairs, we recommend never risking it. If your AC goes out without warning during a heatwave, don’t expect that it will magically come back on by itself. At AC Genius, we have the tools and technology to service a range of air conditioning systems. Our licensed technicians know how to identify AC problems ASAP, and get your unit up and running again before you know it. If your AC goes out at the height of summer, don’t wait to get it taken care of. Call AC Genius, and let our emergency air conditioning technicians do what they do best.

You may need emergency AC service in Dallas-Fort Worth if:

  • Your System Is Blowing Air, But It’s Not Cold: If your thermostat is on and your AC is running, but it’s failing to blow cool air, there is a good chance you’re dealing with a compressor problem, or you’re low on refrigerant. Don’t hesitate to contact us about this, since there is no DIY approach to fixing these issues.
  • Your System Is Releasing a Noxious Smell: You could be dealing with nasty AC odors because of everything from dirty filters, to dead animals, to a leak of coolant or even gas. Regardless of what’s going on with your system though, it’s important not to ignore that smell, and instead call a technician to take care of it right away.
  • Your System Is Making Loud Noises: If your AC is making a banging, grinding, or screeching sound, there is likely an inner component issue. You may not be able to run your air conditioner again without having to get it replaced if this occurs, so just turn your system off and call us ASAP if your system is making a loud noise.
  • Your System Is Visibly Leaking: A visible refrigerant leak is a serious issue, one that will continue to get worse as your cooling bills skyrocket. As your AC costs get higher, your system’s performance will rapidly get worse, so it is imperative you do not wait to deal with AC leaks.
  • Your System Will Not Turn On at All: If your air conditioning system is experiencing a complete power loss, check your thermostat and circuit breaker. Assuming you are not dealing with an electrical issue, you will need AC service post-haste. A complete system failure could mean many things, especially depending on whether your thermostat has also stopped working. Fortunately, our technicians will be able to get to the bottom of whatever the problem is without forcing you to wait through the weekend.

If you live in a house with older people, children, or pets, waiting around for AC repair isn’t really an option. And of course, when the summer temperatures reach their peak, going without air conditioning becomes a hazard for everyone. For the sake of your comfort and safety, please call AC Genius 24/7 if your air conditioner stops working.

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Emergency AC Service at a Reliable Price

AC Genius understands you might be worried about the price of emergency AC repair. That’s why we offer our Straight Forward Pricing™ guarantee. We promise, the price we quote you is the price you get—no hidden fees, last-minute surcharges, or tricks of any kind. We want our services to be affordable for everybody, which is why we offer various specials and financing options. Since 1962, we have gone above and beyond to make sure our customers get exactly the services they need, right when they need them. Call today to request a free quote, and discover what an AC Genius technician can do for you.

AC Genius is proud to be a part of the Hobson AC and Comfort Experts Inc. family. To request an emergency AC repair in the North DFW area, call (817) 341-5160. You can also contact us anytime online.

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