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Mansfield Heating Repair

Heating Repairs for Your Home in Dallas-Fort Worth Area

It’s the dead of winter in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and your heating system stops working. You may not care what’s causing the problem, you just want it fixed. Fortunately, you can trust AC Genius to get your system back up and running in no time. Supported by three generations of experience, our HVAC technicians have seen and fixed it all. We are known across the area for getting the job done right, and proudly offer free estimates for heating replacement and a range of heating services. Call now for heating and furnace repairs in Mansfield, Fort Worth and across the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and find out why homeowners have trusted our company since 1962 for yourself.

AC Genius repairs all types of heating units, including:

  • Zoned heating systems
  • Furnaces
  • Forced air systems

Call our Mansfield heating repair technicians today at 817-341-5168. A part of the Hobson AC and Comfort Experts Inc. family, you can trust AC Genius to handle all your home comfort needs.

When to Call for Heating Repairs

Some people who don’t live in Texas might assume we hardly need heating service, since it remains pretty warm here year-round. However, these people have never spent time in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex in the dead of winter, when it can get quite chilly at night. That’s why to keep your system energy-efficient and functioning when you need it most, it’s important not to neglect heating repairs. Remember to watch out for signs of a heating malfunction, such as strange smells, loud noises, or increased energy costs, and do not hesitate to call our skilled Mansfield heater repair techs ASAP.

AC Genius can fix heating repair issue, including:

  • A dirty filter: A dirty filter can restrict the flow of air over your evaporator. This may in turn cause icing and then tiny cracks and leaks in your system so it’s good practice to get in the habit of checking your air filter and there are DIY videos that can show you how.
  • A tubing leak: Because copper tubing in your heating unit is fragile, any punctures, or even normal wear and tear could cause leaks, which only experts can detect. It’s better to get in touch with our Mansfield heating repair experts sooner rather than later so the leak doesn’t get worse.
  • A valve leak: Vibrations or rust can cause failure of your heating system’s valves and they can get worn down over time. It’s good to subscribe to regular heating maintenance so that your valves can stay in good shape.
  • Inconsistent heating or cold spots – First, check that there isn’t anything blocking your air vents and if not give us a call. This could be the result of ducts that need to be inspected or it could be that your heating element is on the fritz.
  • Smells that are off – The first time of the season you turn your furnace on you may smell dust burning off, but if you smell rotten eggs then that means you have a gas leak and should act accordingly. Also, if something smells like it’s burning then get in touch with our heating repair experts.

Whether it’s one of these scenarios or one of a myriad of other problems, AC Genius’ certified Mansfield furnace repair technicians know how to get your heating system running quickly. Make sure you are prepared year-round, and give our skilled DFW heating team a call today.

Call us at 817-341-5168 to get heating repair in Mansfield and the surrounding areas by the experts at AC Genius. You can also request more information online.

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At AC Genius, we are committed to delivering affordable service to as many people as possible. That’s why we offer various specials and coupons to save you money. We also provide flexible financing options to suit a range of budgets. And with our Straight Forward Pricing™ policy, you can be sure the amount we quote you on heating repair is the amount you’ll pay—no hidden fees, no last-minute surcharges, no tricks of any kind.

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