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Mansfield Heating Maintenance

Heating Maintenance in the Dallas-Fort Worth & the Surrounding Areas

Nobody wants to run the risk of their heating system breaking down in the dead of winter. Believe it or not, it gets surprisingly cold in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. That’s why it’s important to schedule routine heater maintenance in Mansfield. At AC Genius, our goal is to ensure your heating system will always work, even on the coldest winter days. Call today to learn more about what heating maintenance can do for you, and stay prepared no matter what the temperature is outside.

To learn more about our Mansfield furnace maintenance process, contact us online today.

What to Expect from a Heating Tune-Up

Scheduling a routine heating system checkup enables our experts at AC Genius to uncover any issues that might cause problems with your unit before the winter weather sets in. Heating maintenance also helps your heater work better and last longer. With regular maintenance, your system will remain more energy-efficient over the years, allowing you to save money on energy bills and repair costs. And best of all, every diagnosis comes with our Second Opinion Guarantee. That means if you’re unsure of what our Mansfield furnace maintenance team is recommending, we’ll pay for you to get a second opinion from another company of your choice!

AC Genius can help you with basic preventative maintenance, which includes:

  • Cleaning your burners, checking your pilot operation and adjusting your gas pressure
  • Lubricating all of your system’s moving parts, monitoring the flue draft for safe operation, and checking out all of your electrical connections
  • Inspecting the safety controls on any motors
  • Checking the airflow for the right temperature, checking heat anticipator settings, and taking a look at your thermostat
  • Monitoring your system’s voltage and its furnace cycle, checking its exchange, and making any necessary repair recommendations
  • And more!

How Heating Maintenance Saves You Money

1. Fewer breakdowns that are less severe as well – When you subscribe to regular visits from our Mansfield heating maintenance professionals, you’ll not only need fewer repairs but since we catch problems before they happen they’ll be less problematic as well.

2. Longer life-span of your unit – The greatest cost in HVAC is the replacement or new installation cost, so the best way of saving money off your HVAC spending is to get the most out of your existing equipment. Exactly how long your unit lasts depends on use, environment and heating maintenance levels.

3. Increased energy efficiency – Making sure your units are as energy efficient is a great way of saving money because you spend money on utilities every month depending on how energy efficient your units are.

4. Helps you stay under warranty – The best way to save on HVAC replacement costs is to stay under warranty. You should always read the manufacturer’s warranty carefully, but a lot of them require regular tune ups from a licensed Mansfield heating professional.

5. More predictable cost – If you’re the kind of person that likes to know what you’re spending ahead of time, then consult our Mansfield heating maintenance experts. Not only can emergency repairs add up, but they eat into savings as they’re unforeseen.

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Don’t be fooled by the name—the technicians at AC Genius are heater geniuses, too. A part of the larger Hobson AC and Comfort Experts Inc. family, our experience in the HVAC industry goes back to 1962. That’s why homeowners across the area trust us to always get the job done right. We truly care about those in our community, and are always looking for new ways to go above and beyond for those we serve. And with free estimates, money-saving coupons, and affordable financing options, it’s always a good time to hire AC Genius for heater maintenance.

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