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Home Energy Conservation

Where does my money go?

Our Energy Use Analysis of your home will analyze where your money goes and determine your cost payback for making improvements to your home. Some of the improvements are simple to do. Others require more effort and investment, but promise big savings over the years.

Here’s How It Works

We schedule a time to meet with you at your home to perform the energy analysis. We’ll document the electricity and gas usage and expenses of your home, month by month, for the previous 12 months.

Next we inspect and document the following aspects of your home. Now’s a good time to be in a comfortable place to sit. It’s a long list.

Air Conditioning, Heating and Air Distribution Systems

The supply and return vents are counted, their integrity is checked and the quality of their design is noted.

The energy type of the heating system. The make, model and serial number of the heating units is noted along with their age and efficiency rating.

The type and condition of the thermostat, including if it is programmable or not.

We will ask you what temperature settings are most common during the summer (day and night), the winter (day and night), and the number of hours each day that the home is usually occupied.

The filters being used. Their type, efficiency and how often they are changed.

We will ask if fireplace dampers are routinely closed when not in use and if doors to unused portions of the home are closed, and if vents to those rooms are also closed.

Attic Ventilation

  • The type of attic exhaust systems in place: whirlybird, powered attic vent, solar powered attic vent, and/or ridge vent.
  • The number and type of intake vents.
  • The location of the attic access door and if it is insulated.
  • The presence and type of radiant barrier in place.
  • The type and amount of attic insulation.

Door and Windows

  • The location, number and type of doors and windows. For location we note the compass direction the window or door is facing -north, south, east or west.
  • The quality of seal around the window and door edges.

Outdoor Energy Use

  • The type (incandescent, flood, dusk to dawn, fluorescent), wattage and quantity of outdoor lights.
  • If there is a pool we document the horsepower of its pump, the number of hours each day the pump operates, the heater type and its temperature setting.
  • If there is a spa or hot tub, we make note of the horsepower of its pump, the number of hours each day the pump operates, the heater type and its temperature setting.

The Analysis

After all the documentation is done it’s time for the analysis. Together, we take a look at the information regarding your energy usage and costs so you can see where your energy dollars are specifically being spent. From that information you will see where improvements can be made in your energy usage practices and we will make recommendations as well.

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