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Do you need reliable AC repair in Fort Worth? Are you looking for a company that’s been trusted in the community for generations? And do you want to hire an award-winning HVAC contractor that’s fully licensed and certified?

If these qualifications ring any bells for you, make sure to call our experts at AC Genius. We are a third-generation, family-owned business that’s been providing outstanding Dallas-Fort Worth AC repair service since 1962. In addition to being an experienced and certified HVAC contractor, we are an award-winning local business with an A+ rating from the BBB. We truly care about this community, and are backed by a long history of going above and beyond to achieve customer satisfaction. And with a reputation for delivering five-star results across the area, you can always count on AC Genius to get the job done.

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Should I Call for a AC Repair?

Most modern AC systems are complex enough where it takes a professional technician to take care of them. The good news is that our licensed AC techs in Fort Worth are highly trained and skilled so they can identify a range of problems in a variety of systems. Our team knows how to diagnose malfunctions quickly and present comprehensive solutions to prevent the need for additional repairs in the future. Remember, it’s important not to ignore issues with your AC unit, as failing to call for a repair is only likely to make the problem worse in the long run.

Make sure to call AC Genius for a repair if you notice any of the following issues:

  • Leaking: A leak can occur in your AC system for multiple reasons, including coil freezing, a damaged compressor, or poor unit installation. It’s key to remember though that your refrigerant should not run out under normal circumstances, and that as long as your leak continues, you will lose both money and cooling power—making it important to call a technician right away if you notice this problem.
  • Strange Smells: You may notice your air conditioner making strange smells due to excessive water accumulation leading to mold growth, dirty filters, as well as many other internal component issues. Strange AC odors can be a sign you are dealing with anything from a leak to a dead animal in your outdoor unit, so it is essential to take care of this issue ASAP.
  • Loud AC Noises: Screeching and banging noises can occur in your air conditioner because of a broken compressor, a faulty fan motor or blower motor, as well as loose parts and an accumulation of debris. Our skilled technicians at AC Genius will be able to inspect your system, and tell you if your unit just needs cleaning or if there is a more severe mechanical issue at play.
  • Rising Energy Bills: If you notice your energy bills going up but your air conditioning habits have not changed, chances are there’s a problem with your system. This could be a result of dirty filters, leaking, failing parts, or a general lack of maintenance. The higher your AC costs tend to get, the worse your system’s performance is likely to be, meaning you should act if you notice your bills going up right away.
  • Lack of Cool Air: If your air conditioner has stopped blowing cold air, or has simply stopped working altogether, you will pretty much have no choice but to call a technician. Check your thermostat batteries and circuit breaker to double-check whether the issue lies elsewhere in your household, and then contact AC Genius right away. Airflow and cycling problems may stem from something as simple as clogged filters to something as serious as control board malfunctions. Regardless, the sooner you catch the problem, the less likely you are to have to replace your unit altogether.

At AC Genius, we don’t just take the standard approach to AC repair. Our services are designed to help your system become more energy-efficient—so you actually spend less time calling us for repairs over the years. Our goal is to drive your cooling costs down while helping your unit to function at peak performance for as long as possible. And with services to improve your indoor air quality too, AC Genius will be able to address all your home comfort issues.

AC Repair Vs. Replacement

When the Texas heat hits and your ac isn’t working, you’re left with a couple of options. You can either replace the unit outright or opt for AC repair. While repair may have a cheaper price tag today, in the long run it’s actually more expensive. Below are 3 reasons that replacement could make better sense for the long run.

  1. Your AC unit is old – AC units usually last from 8-12 years depending on what brand is installed, how it’s been used over the years and how well it’s been maintained by a licensed professional. If your unit is older than 8 years of age you should reconsider AC repair and opt for replacing the unit as opposed to sinking more money into a unit near the end of it’s life (or sinking more money into a unit that’s reaching it’s expiration date)
  2. It has had multiple repairs in the last few years– While you can always count on our Fort Worth AC repair experts to come in and fix your AC, you shouldn’t need repairs every season. At some point, your spending good money that could go to a new unit on an old unit that’s going to keep breaking down. Inevitably a unit that breaks down over and over can end up costing more than a new unit install!
  3. It requires R22 refrigerant – Since the start of 2020 all production of R22 refrigerant has stopped. While using the banned coolant isn’t illegal, it’s significantly more expensive than modern refrigerants and will become increasingly scarce.

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