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Mansfield Faucet Repair & Replacement

Leaking Faucet? Call AC Genius in Dallas-Fort Worth!

Having access to running water is a luxury that we simply can’t live without, but it would be rather useless if we didn’t have some sort of a way to contain and control the water flow. This is the job of our many various faucets and fixtures. Faucets provide us with several important functions: they use a valve (or valves) to control the flow of hot and cold water and adjust pressure, they provide a consistent and refined way for water to pour out into our sinks and basins, and they give us an ability to turn the flow of water on or off as well as adjust the temperature. Each of these functions is vital for giving us easy, simple, and safe access to clean water for any application we need.

At AC Genius, we know faucets inside and out, and we offer a full range of faucet services to help you with whatever problems your faucets may have. From the latest and greatest in faucet technology to older, historic, and even vintage fixtures, we offer solutions to everything that could prevent a faucet or fixture from working properly. Inconsistent or fluctuating pressure, calcified components, or even inexplicable leaks coming from areas you can’t figure out are just a few of the things our crew is trained and experienced with properly fixing. Plus, we always approach every job with the same outstanding service that includes our Straight Forward Pricing™.

If you have a problem with your faucets, call the Mansfield faucet repair team at AC Genius at (817) 341-5160 today! We’re here to fix the issue and keep your water flowing smoothly.

Quality Faucet Repair in Mansfield

Why is your faucet leaking? Where is the problem and how can you fix it? These are just a few of the common questions that many homeowners have when they discover an issue with one of the taps located around their home. Faucets are an important part of our life, but we often don’t realize just how important they are until they don’t work properly. And a faucet that isn’t fixed properly can see issues only continue to progress and get worse and worse over time. The Mansfield faucet repair pros at AC Genius understand that the key to solving the problem isn’t just doing the job right, but doing it quickly.

Our plumbers can fix all types of faucets, including:

  • Kitchen faucets
  • Bathroom faucets
  • Utility faucets
  • Shower taps
  • Bathtub faucets
  • Outdoor faucets

Faucet Replacement & Installation

Over time, faucets eventually wear out. Between all of their moving parts, corrosion due to exposure to water, and other external forces, any faucet will eventually reach the end of its useful lifespan. While repairs may prolong the life of your faucet, any fixture will need to be replaced eventually. When that time comes for your home, call the Mansfield faucet replacement pros at AC Genius and let us be the ones who take care of it for you. We offer installation for all types of faucets, including single-handle, double-handle, and other unique faucets as well. We can even set up and configure modern faucets that offer features like touchless turn-on, handheld units, and so much more.

Spigot Replacement & Repair

It’s not uncommon to need running water outdoors! Whether you’re looking for a way to water your flower bed with a garden hose or you need to fill up a bucket to wash the car, you’re more than likely going to need an outdoor spigot for the job. These faucets are prone to their fair share of problems, particularly when they are exposed to freezing weather. If you need your outdoor spigot repaired or replaced, call the Mansfield plumbing team at AC Genius and we’ll get the job done right.

Looking for a local company that can quickly take care of your faucet problems? Look to the Mansfield plumbers at AC Genius! Contact us today.

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