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When your air conditioning unit malfunctions, you need AC repair as soon as possible. Considering how hot our summers get in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, living without AC is not just uncomfortable, but for people like the elderly and small children, can be very dangerous. Fortunately, you and your family can count on AC Genius to provide same-day AC service and the surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on being able to repair your AC unit as fast as possible, allowing your home to get back to the comfortable temperature you deserve.

Your central air system has two main components: an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. These units are connected by refrigerant lines. When warm air is pulled through your home’s ductwork using a motorized fan, refrigerant is pumped from the exterior compressor coil to the interior evaporator coil, where it absorbs heat in your air. This is what allows cool air to be pumped through your air ducts and out of the vents in your home, creating a comfortable environment for your whole household. This process may sound complicated, but our technicians are highly trained to evaluate your indoor and outdoor units and detect problems ASAP. Through expert troubleshooting and diagnostics, we will attempt to locate the malfunctioning part of your system and diagnose potential future issues as well. And with coupons and specials to suit a range of budgets, there’s no reason not to call AC Genius for your next air conditioning service.

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When to Consider AC Replacement in Dallas-Fort Worth

We understand that most families operate on a budget, and not everyone has emergency funds allotted for a new air conditioner. However, there comes a time when it may be more cost-efficient to replace your air conditioner, rather than to keep repairing it. At AC Genius, we are a certified Trane dealer, meaning you always get great equipment, and our technicians offer the best prices in the area. We will never recommend an AC installation you don’t need and we will always help you find the best solution within your price range. Most importantly, we provide free estimates, so you always feel confident in whatever decision you make.

We guarantee all the work we do! If you are not 100% satisfied, give us a call at 817-341-5168, and we’ll make things right. That’s our promise, your guarantee!

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Common Reasons You May Need AC Repair Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex area

Because of the advanced technology in new air conditioners, your entire system can shut down for even the smallest of problems. Many calls for AC repair are caused by a faulty thermostat or issues detected by it. This is because a series of sensors are run electronically through your thermostat, and when they detect moisture or an electrical issue, they will send a signal that triggers a system shutdown. At AC Genius, our HVAC technicians are equipped with specialized sensors and diagnostic equipment that can easily be connected to your system in order to find the issue quickly and efficiently

Another common reason you may need AC repair is because of general debris build-up. When the components of your system are dirty, it can cause the unit to malfunction. Many homeowners fail to change their air filter regularly, so dust and other contaminants like dirt and hair accumulate on the coils, causing them to freeze. Depending on the amount of debris on your AC’s coils, we might be able to clean them intact or we may have to remove them entirely. The latter is more expensive, however, you can always trust our technicians to find the most cost-efficient solution for your needs.

It is also important to remember that the refrigerant in AC systems needs to be maintained at a certain level for maximum efficiency. Over long periods of time, it may become low and need recharging. But a low refrigerant level can also indicate a leak. This is a serious issue that needs to be addressed immediately, so if you believe you are dealing with an AC leak, call AC Genius right away.

Common signs of an AC leak include:

  • Frozen coils
  • Hissing sounds coming from your unit
  • Increased humidity in your home
  • Complete loss of cooling power
  • Water coming out of your unit
  • Rising electric bills
  • Lack of airflow

AC Maintenance Options

To help prevent costly AC repairs and early air conditioning replacement, AC Genius highly recommends a scheduled maintenance plan. Our well-trained air conditioning technicians can perform a thorough inspection of your unit to ensure all components are clean and functioning properly. Not only will this help your system to run more efficiently year after year, preventive maintenance can also catch problems when they are simple to fix, and even increase energy-efficiency, so you spend less on cooling costs over time.

Emergency AC Service from Our HVAC Technicians

An air conditioning unit can break down any time of the day and any day of the week. That’s why we offer emergency AC services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We don’t make our clients sweat it out over the weekend. Our same-day AC repair will have your system running and your home cooled before you know it.

Call Today for a Second Opinion on AC Repair

Has another Dallas-Fort Worth AC contractor recently been to your home for an air conditioning service call and left you with a $700 repair estimate for your central air conditioning system? If this sounds familiar, we will gladly send out a highly trained, certified technician to perform a complete diagnostic on your home AC system and then provide you with a competitive quote. At AC Genius, our integrity, honesty, and professionalism are what sets us apart from our competitors. We encourage you to allow us to independently diagnose your AC issue and provide you with a second opinion for FREE!

Our HVAC company understands that the expense involved with air conditioning repairs can be untimely and unwelcome. This is why we will do everything we can to provide less expensive service options, in addition to offering flexible financing to make our work affordable for everyone. We also promise to never use high-pressure sales tactics, instead presenting you with safe and logical solutions so you can make an informed decision. We believe that when you experience the difference of working with AC Genius, you will always trust us as your preferred heating and cooling service provider, like so many other satisfied customers in Mansfield and across Dallas-Fort Worth.

What To Look For In An AC Services Company

  1. Are they available 24/7? – We know that AC breakdowns don’t wait for business hours to happen so we offer 24/7 emergency air conditioning services in Dallas-Fort Worth and the surrounding areas. Rest assured that we won’t keep you waiting until the next day to help you should you need emergency repairs at any time day or night.
  2. Free estimates and second opinions – It’s okay if you need a quote before proceeding as we’re well aware that everybody has a budget to keep in mind. Also, if you ever would like a second opinion for anything in AC services contact us today.
  3. Coupons and financing optionsClick here to see if there are any coupons you could use to save off our AC services. Check out our financing page here and feel free to ask our experts in Dallas-Fort Worth AC services about how you can save long term should you qualify.
  4. Awards and accolades – Not only do we have a A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, but we’ve been recognized and awarded by other prestigious institutions as well.
  5. How long they’ve been in business – We’ve been providing the Dallas-Fort Worth Area AC services for over 60 years so you can rest assured knowing that we have the expertise to get your job done right the first time.

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