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Mansfield Pipe Repair & Repiping

Keeping Your Dallas-Fort Worth Pipes Safe & Secure

Pipes have a simple job, but an invaluable one at that: carry water where it is needed. Pipes connect your water supply to your various faucets, your appliances to the water they need, and all of your drains to your sewer main. Without them, your home wouldn’t be capable of nearly what it is able to do today. At AC Genius, we understand that this means even a small pipe problem could be disastrous, and we have seen what can happen when pipes fail. Our crew of Mansfield pipe repair pros is here to help you whenever you need us, and can offer simple fixes, complex repairs, and even whole-home repiping services so your water supply is always reliable.

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Here at AC Genius, our Mansfield plumbers put you and your home first. With years of experience on our side and a crew of some of the most seasoned local veterans, you can be confident that we are familiar with and capable of overcoming the challenges of pipe repairs and repiping in North Texas. Whether you live in an older home with pipes build from outdated materials or you’re in a brand-new building and need a repair for your current pipe solution, you can leave your problem to us with confidence. We stand by the work we do and always treat your job with care, respect, and our Straight Forward Pricing™.

Pipe Repairs in Mansfield

Has a pipe somewhere in your home been damaged? Whether it has sprung a leak due to age, a fault in the material has caused it to start leaking, or any other force has caused it to buckle or fail, you will need to have the problem fixed as soon as possible. At AC Genius, we offer professional pipe repairs designed with you and your home in mind. Whether you rely on copper water lines running through your walls, damage has happened to a plastic pipeline or you need a steel pipe replaced, we offer repairs for them all.

We repair pipes in all areas of your home, including:

  • Bathroom pipes
  • Bedroom pipes
  • Overhead pipes
  • Slab-laid pipelines
  • Gas pipes
  • Main water lines
  • Irrigation lines
  • Faucet lines

AC Genius also offers repairs using premium modern pipe technology that can help you secure your water while also preserving its integrity and security. PEX is a popular modern plastic material that has been shown to be effective, easy to use, affordable, and long-lasting. In fact, it is the material of choice for most modern plumbers because it is so incredibly easy to install and work with due to its flexibility and ease of connections. When you’re looking to repair a water line, talk to your technician about converting to PEX and see if this is a suitable option!

Whole-Home Repiping

While plumbing lines may be one of those things you don’t have to worry about all that often, they are a part of your home that will eventually wear out and need to be replaced. Metal lines will eventually wear out, corrode, and fall-apart, resulting in leaks or even total pipe failure. Plastic pipelines will eventually falter under pressure, resulting in leaks and other issues. If you notice that your pipes are giving you a lot of trouble, then perhaps it is time to consider a whole-home pipe repipe service. At AC Genius, we offer whole-home repipe and partial repipe services to help you keep your water supply secure using the latest and greatest in materials available. Plus we offer affordable pricing and honest work that treats your home with respect and care.

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