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ONCOR Wants to Help Pay For Your New AC System!

ONCOR Can Help Pay For Your New Air Conditioning System?

Eventually all air conditioning systems reach the point at which replacement is the best option available. Since that’s going to be an expensive proposition, wouldn’t it be nice if you had help in paying for it all?

ONCOR has established the “Take a Load Off Texas Home Energy Efficiency Program.” If you’re a consumer living in ONCOR’s service area, you could receive an incentive ranging from $300 to $1,500 to upgrade to a more energy efficient system!

How to See if You Qualify

If you’re an ONCOR user and you use an approved energy provider, you may be eligible for an incentive if you install equipment that meets ONCOR’s energy efficiency guidelines.

First, Verify You’re an Oncor Customer
Don’t worry if you don’t pay your bill to ONCOR. ONCOR’s responsibility is to ensure the power lines get power to your home. For instance, if a storm knocks out the power to your neighborhood, the utility company you pay your bill to will contact ONCOR, and ONCOR will supply the manpower and equipment to get everything running once more. If your utility company calls ONCOR, you’re an ONCOR customer.

Companies such as Ambit, TXU, Champion, Direct, Green Mountain, Amigo, Stream, Cirro, and Reliant are energy providers that enroll customers, bill them, and collect payment for energy used. Even if you pay one of these companies for your electricity, you may still be an ONCOR customer. ONCOR covers all of the greater DFW metroplex, but there are areas in which energy is supplied by an electric co-op (municipality-owned electric providers), and some areas are services by multiple providers. Call AC Genius if you want to know whether you’re an ONCOR customer or not. We can look up your address and see if you’re in a qualifying area.

Second, Choose a Participating Air Conditioning Provider
Due to the need to prevent fraud and to ensure the quality of the work done on these installations, ONCOR partners with trusted heating and air contractors like AC Genius. The application process for these companies is intense, and it includes an in-person interview. Once approved, ONCOR sends the incentive directly to the contractor who applies it as savings to the customer.

ASAC Genius is proud to continue its partnership with ONCOR. Brett Hobson, President of AC Genius, puts it this way: “For us, it’s a no-brainer to pass these savings directly to the consumer. In addition, we make sure each homeowner receives their incentive as an instant credit at the time of installation – which is often weeks before we get the check from Oncor.”

Procrastination Could Cost You Thousands of Dollars

ONCOR budgets a limited amount of money to this program, so it’s available only until the money runs out each year. There’s a chance to save thousands of dollars through this program, and you’re encouraged to call AC Genius for information about its current status and how to qualify.


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