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What to Do When Your AC System Won’t Turn On

Many of us share the experience of adjusting our thermostats and hearing the air conditioning system respond accordingly. Cooler air is on the way (or warmer air depending on the season). What do you do if that doesn’t happen, though? Something has gone wrong, and there are a few things you can do before you worry about calling a professional to check your system.

Check Your Thermostat

Checking your thermostat is the first, most obvious thing you can do. Is it turned on? Is it set properly to heat or cool? Check the temperature. If you’ve set your air conditioner at 72 degrees and it’s below that in your house, the system probably won’t cool until the inside temperature rises. If none of the obvious solutions work, it may be time to look at some other options.

Check Your Breakers

Check your AC system’s breaker box. If you don’t know where your breaker is located, check your garage, laundry room, or utility room. It will be a gray metal box with a door that opens to reveal a number of breaker switches. Each will have a number assigned to it, and there should be a list of the numbers and what they’re controlling on the inside of the door. If the AC breaker is in the OFF position, try turning it back on. If it doesn’t appear to be OFF, try pushing it a bit with a small amount of pressure. Sometimes breaker switches don’t flip all the way into the OFF position. If your system comes on after flipping the switch to the ON position, all should be well. If it doesn’t, there’s one more thing you can try.

Check the AC Unit

Go outside and check the AC unit itself. Don’t open the unit, but look for any obvious signs of a problem. These can include physical damage to the unit or something lodged in the unit (such as a tree limb falling into the fan grill). Look for unusual amounts of water or another liquid near the unit. If there is damage, it’s time to call a professional.

Call for Help

After trying these steps, you definitely need to call a professional AC repair company. AC Genius is a great option to go-to for all of your AC needs.


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