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Best Cooling Units for Energy Efficiency

An air conditioner is an essential part of any Fort Worth, TX, home during the hot southern summer days. But what about your utility bills? When you’re running your AC, they can almost double winter utility costs.

Fortunately, technology has improved, and there are now energy-efficient AC models that can help cut costs. 

These models are Energy Star-rated and use advanced technology, inverters, and other innovative technology to decrease the amount of energy an HVAC system uses to operate. 

Do you want to know what makes an air conditioner energy-efficient? Keep reading to learn all you need to know about HVAC systems and the best units on the market!  

The Most Energy-Efficient Type of Air Conditioner Is…

According to Energy Star, the most efficient air conditioning unit is a central air conditioner or an air-source heat pump. These systems are designed to cool your Fort Worth home using the least energy!

We’ll take a look at each of these technologies below.

Air Source Heat Pump 

A heat pump is basically a reversible air conditioner.  In the summer it works by transferring the heat out of the house and exhausting it outside. In the winter a heat pump air conditions the outside and transfers the heat in the air into the home. Using Mother Nature to heat your home saves you money! These technologically advanced devices can save you money in many ways: 

  • Proper installation can reduce your energy costs by approximately 40%

They also provide heat during the winter months, so you’ll have an energy-efficient HVAC system operating all year. 

The Amana AVZC20 is Energy Star-certified as one of today’s top heat pump systems. Once installed, this system will efficiently cool your home. It is surrounded by a heavy-gauge galvanized steel enclosure with a sound-control top that provides a noiseless operation. 

Central Air Conditioner Units

A central air conditioning system replaces warm air with cool air that has moved over cold coils before it gets pushed throughout your home. 

There are two classifications of central air conditioners: split systems and packaged systems. A split system has indoor and outdoor components. In contrast, a packaged system only has an outdoor unit, making it convenient for homes with limited space or that have a crawlspace to install ductwork in.

Like heat pumps, central air conditioners are powered by electricity, reducing your carbon footprint.

Neglecting regular maintenance will cause your system to work less efficiently and deteriorate faster.

If a central air system sounds better suited for your home, try the AirEase SCU/BCE Series. It is Energy Star-approved and will allow you to control the comfort of your home while using approximately 50% less energy than a standard air conditioner.

Looking to Become More Energy-Efficient?  

There are hundreds of air conditioners on the market today, all with different efficiency and capacities. Our team at AC Genius can help you sort it all out. 

Call AC Genius today for help selecting the best energy-efficient HVAC system for your home in the Fort Worth area.


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