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The Best Places to Install a Thermostat

The Best Places to Install a Thermostat

Did you know that it makes a difference where you install your thermostat? If you put it in the wrong spot, it could throw off your home’s temperature and control your home comfort less accurately.

The experts at AC Genius have put together some tips on where to place your thermostat, as well as some spots to NEVER install it.

Don’t Place Your Thermostat Here

You want to avoid installing a thermostat in places where the temperature is influenced by outside sources. Keep the thermostat away from exterior doors and windows. The thermostat will pick up temperature changes when the door opens and will not be able to reflect the real temperature inside the rest of your home.

There also may be air leaks around doors and windows letting the outdoor air seep into your home, changing the temperature reading on the thermostat.

You should also avoid placing your thermostat on walls that are connected to the outside, as the temperature can also fluctuate here.

And keep your thermostat away from air vents or heat-producing appliances. The air coming out of your vents is either cold or warm depending on the season, and blasting that air into your thermostat will cause it to inaccurately trigger on and off.

The Best Spot for a Thermostat

The best place for a thermostat is an interior wall that is not connected to the outside. This may be a hallway wall, living room wall that connects to another area of your home or another spot based on the layout of your home.

You’ll also want to make sure the spot you choose is away from air vents, windows, and corners. Having the right spot for your thermostat will help you run an efficient HVAC system and keep your home comfortable all year!

Your Comfort is Our Priority

For all your HVAC needs, the only choice in the Fort Worth area is AC Genius. Our experts are highly qualified and here to help you with all aspects of your home heating and cooling needs. Contact us today at 817-341-5168 for reliable service!


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