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Do I Need to Call an HVAC Technician about the Ice on My Heat Pump?

Have you ever looked outside and found that your heat pump is frosted over or iced up? Before you worry about having a technician out or contemplate replacing an older unit, find out what causes a heat pump to ice up.

How Common Is It for Ice to Form on Heat Pumps?

A heat pump works by pulling heat out of the outside air and transferring that heat into the home.  If the temperatures outside are already low, then frost/ice can condense on your outside coils.  If the layer of ice is less than 1/4″ you’re probably in good shape.   Heat pumps are actually designed to defrost themselves in low temperatures. Usually, after your system is running for a certain amount of time in cold weather, your heat pump will automatically begin the defrosting process. This process allows for more effective heat transfer so that the heat pump operates at higher efficiencies.

When Do I Need to Call an HVAC Tech about the Ice on My Heat Pump?

While a small bit of frost is nothing to worry about, an excessive amount of ice on your unit indicates a potentially serious problem.

You should call a heating and air conditioning technician if:

  • The outside coils of your heat pump are covered in layer of ice greater than 1/4″ deep
  • Your heat pump is no longer able to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home
  • Your heat pump is blowing cold air for a long period of time

An excessive amount of ice on your system can be caused by a problem with your reversing valve, too much or too little refrigerant, a fan failure or a dirty condensing coil.

AC Genius Is Here to Help

Since a heat pump system operates 11 months out of the year here in North Texas, it’s highly recommended that you have yearly maintenance of your system.  Preventive maintenance can save you money on your utilities, prevent breakdowns, and make your equipment last longer.

If your heat pump is completely frozen over, turn to the highly trained and fully qualified technicians at AC Genius. As a full-service AC and heating company with nearly 60 years of service experience, our team can handle any repair you need. We are here to carefully inspect your heat pump, determine the cause of the problem, and implement a fast, reliable repair.

Call (817) 341-5160 or contact us online to schedule a professional tune up or repair call. We look forward to serving you!