Air Conditioning and Heating Services in Carrollton

The operation of your Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning(HVAC) system is essential in keeping your indoor temperature at a comfortable level.

Your HVAC system includes heating and cooling elements as well as your home’s ducts and ventilation system. Considering how many components are involved, it’s easy to see why you need the services of an HVAC contractor to help you keep your system operating efficiently.

What Services Can You Expect from an HVAC Contractor?

There are many heating and cooling services that AC Genius provides to help you keep your Carrollton home’s HVAC system functioning efficiently throughout the year. These services include semi annual inspections, maintenance, repairs, and equipment installation.


Seasonal inspections will help ensure your heating or cooling systems are in good condition. If our technician identifies a problem, we will notify you and offer options to fix it before it leads to a mechanical failure.

During an inspection, our technician will also check your filters, add coolant, and make other adjustments to fine-tune your system.

Duct Cleaning

Our professional technician will also clean your home’s ducts, vents, and registers during an AC tune-up. This is an important service that should be done at least once a year.

A thorough duct cleaning will ensure your duct system is clear of dust, pest droppings, and other debris that could contaminate or inhibit airflow. It will also help identify duct damage that could drive up your energy costs.

Maintenance and Repairs

From time to time, you may need AC maintenance and repairs to keep your HVAC system operational. Each one of our technicians is trained and certified to work on various types of heating and cooling systems.

You can trust our professional and skilled services when you call us to diagnose and fix an HVAC problem. Our repair services will help you keep your system running in good shape for a longer period of time.

New Equipment Installations

If you keep up with seasonal inspections, our skilled technician will let you know when your system is reaching the end of its life. Typically, an HVAC system should last over ten years with consistent care. When the time does come to replace your system, we will help you explore the options within your budget.

When Should You Call an HVAC Contractor?

In addition to scheduling routine inspections in the fall and spring, you should call us for service anytime you notice a problem.

The following signs are common indications that your system needs servicing:

  • An unexplained rise in energy costs
  • Unusual sounds, such as metal scraping against metal
  • Strange odors
  • An inability to maintain a consistent temperature
  • Your system kicks on frequently or runs constantly

Some of these issues can be fixed with a simpler repair or component replacement. However, letting the problem persist will cause it to worsen until your system becomes inoperable. This is why it’s more cost-effective to have your home’s system serviced as soon as you observe a problem.

Call for Help with Any Leak

When you run your AC system, you may notice that the area around the indoor part of the unit is wet. This can include a wet carpet or floor as well as water damage on your wall.

If you notice that the tray toward the bottom of the unit is filled with water, this means your drainpipe is probably blocked. Our technicians are well trained to fix the issue and make recommendations so it doesn’t happen again.

What You Should Know About Electrical Overloads

When you use your HVAC system, does your power go out? If you are frequently experiencing blown fuses or tripped circuit breakers, this indicates that you’re trying to draw more energy than your Carrollton home’s wiring can handle. Overloading your home’s electrical system increases the risks for an electrical fire.

In addition to providing heating and AC services, the team also includes qualified electricians. We will evaluate the condition of your home’s wiring and recommend affordable options for upgrading it. This will help you use your HVAC system and other electrical systems in your home more safely.

Asking us to update your home’s wiring can also help you save on your energy usage. We will also offer other suggestions for conserving energy and operating your home’s HVAC system more efficiently.

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Come home to comfort after being on your feet for the Run for Rover at McInnish Dog Park or enjoying the outdoors with friends and family at TEXFest at Historic Downtown Carrollton. When you need reliable HVAC services in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, contact AC Genius. Our team is trained to provide inspections, maintenance, repairs, and new equipment installations to ensure all of your HVAC needs are met.

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