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If your Heating & Cooling System is 10 years old or more, this is the Opportunity of the Year to save up to $2,500 on a new Air Conditioning & Heating System

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Equipment Prices Are Not Going Down – Air conditioning unit pricing has increased 15-20% over this past season and it is probably going to increase another 20-25% for next summer. Furnaces are running around the same. The beauty of this offer is that it’s based on last year’s pricing, when they were still low.

Lower Operating Cost – owners of 10 year old systems typically overpay on utilities by 25 to 50%. A new high-efficiency system could lower your utility usage because of the many technological advance ments in de-sign and manufacturing over the last 10 years. Almost any new air condition-er will perform better than your current unit, but these high-efficiency air conditioners will amaze you. Your home will feel more comfortable and you’ll spend less on the energy to run it. The same thing goes for furnaces, too – newer technology gives you better efficiency.

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You must act soon if you don’t want to miss out. I only have a limited number of these systems. When all of the a/c and furnace systems in a particular size are sold, that’s it. There are no more at this price.

Give us a call now at (817) 341-5160 and mention Scratch, Dent & Over-stock. We’ll come out and do a FREE Home Energy Audit. Your system will be inspected and analyzed. Our Hobson AC Specialist will tell you what kind of shape it’s in, what kind of refrigerant it uses, and what size unit you really need.

We will show you the real-world price of a system that fits your home. Then, we’ll show you the substantial energy savings you can expect with this program. And that investment will include all labor and installation materials. Nothing is left out. No surprises after you choose to move forward with the agreement.

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