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Southlake homeowners know they can turn to AC Genius for all of their heating and air conditioning needs. A part of the Hobson AC and Comfort Experts Inc. family, which has been offering quality HVAC work to this community since 1962, we love serving our friends and neighbors. We can fix and install all brands, makes, and models of heating and cooling systems and have great reviews all over the Internet. We have also achieved an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, so you know you can count on our work to live up to the highest standards of professionalism. And with our signature Straight Forward Pricing™, you always pay the amount we quote you, no more, no less. For air conditioning and heating in Southlake, TX from a family-owned and operated business you can trust, call AC Genius today.

Top reasons to hire AC Genius include:

  • Same-Day Service
  • 24/7 Availability
  • No Added Fees for Night & Weekend Work

If you’re having trouble with your heating or air conditioning system, contact us today at (817) 341-5160. We’re ready to take your call!

When to Call for Southlake AC Repair

It’s too hot in Texas to go without working air conditioning. Fortunately, AC Genius is able to offer repairs and replacements for a full range of AC units. Make sure to watch out for the signs there’s something wrong with your system, and do not hesitate to give our comfort pros a call day or night if you notice a problem.

Common air conditioning issues include:

  • Leaking: From freezing coils to damaged compressors to poor unit installation, there are many reasons your AC unit could be leaking. You should not have to refill your refrigerant levels often, so if you notice a visible leak, make sure to give our technicians a call right away.
  • Strange Smells: Oftentimes, an air conditioner will start to emit strange odors because of water that has accumulated in the unit, leading to mold growth. You could also be experiencing air because of dirty filters, as well as various component issues. On the worst end of the spectrum, there could be a dead animal in your unit, so you should not hesitate to call a technician if your AC is producing nasty smells.
  • Loud AC Noises: It is not uncommon for your AC unit to rattle, hum, or screech because of problems such as a broken compressor, a faulty fan motor/blower motor, or accumulated debris. The good news is that our knowledgeable Southlake AC techs will be able to get to the source of that noise quickly, letting you know if you just need a simple cleaning and repair or if there is a more serious problem occurring.
  • Rising Energy Bills: Rising energy bills are never a good sign when it comes to HVAC equipment. If your habits have not changed but your cooling costs have gone up, it could be because of dirty filters, leaking, failing parts, or any number of other reasons. Don’t ignore the problem if your AC bills rise, as the costs are only likely to get worse, and remember to schedule regular maintenance to prevent this from happening.
  • Lack of Cool Air: When your air conditioner stops blowing cool air, or stops blowing air altogether, you should first double check the circuit breaker to make sure you are not dealing with an electrical issue. If the problem does in fact lay with your air conditioning system, contact AC Genius immediately. An AC system can stop working because of everything from clogged filters to control board malfunctions, but the sooner you deal with the problem, the better chance you have of not replacing your unit completely.

Southlake Heating Services

Anyone who has spent time around the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area in the dead of winter knows how cold it can get around here at night. That’s why in addition to AC work, we also offer expert Southlake heater service. Our technicians are highly trained to repair a variety of systems and are familiar with all the latest, industry-leading technology. We can also provide tune-ups to help your heater function more efficiently, saving you money in the long run. Whether you’re dealing with a burned-out motor, clogged air filter, or faulty thermostats, our certified HVAC professionals know how to diagnose issues quickly and identify the exact solution your system needs.

AC Genius services all types of heating units, including:
  • Zoned heating systems
  • Furnaces
  • Forced air systems
  • Packaged heating units
  • Heat pump systems

Hire Our Top-Rated Southlake Heating & Cooling Company!

Don’t suffer through a cold winter night or summer weekend heatwave because your HVAC system is not working. Call AC Genius 24/7 to get the job done right. We offer various specials and financing options to make sure our work is affordable for everybody. We also won’t quit until your unit functions again—our goal is to fix your system right the first time, every time. And thanks to our Second Opinion Guarantee, if you don’t agree with our diagnosis or recommendations, we will pay for another AC company’s second opinion. That’s right—we will cover the cost of another’s company’s visit up to $99! Contact our Southlake HVAC pros today for a free estimate, and start experiencing heating and cooling the right way.

Call us at (817) 341-5160 to get your heating or AC system repaired by our Comfort Experts.

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