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Mansfield Mini Split Installation

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Mini-split air conditioning is the simplest and most affordable answer to some of your most specific and difficult cooling challenges. Does it seem like you have one room in your home that never cools off with the rest of your house? Are you looking to add cooling to an area that didn’t have it before like a garage or basement? Mini split cooling systems may be exactly what you are looking for. Mini split systems cost significantly less than a central cooling system, don’t require any massive ductwork installations, don’t overwork your current HVAC system, and offer outstanding energy efficiency that a central system simply can’t match.

If a mini-split system is what you are looking for, call the Mansfield mini split installation pros at AC Genius! We offer a great selection of modern ductless mini split systems from some of the most recognized and dependable names in the industry, including some of the most feature-rich and advanced units you can find. Our goal is to make cooling your home easier and more affordable, and we do that by providing world-class installation work. We hold ourselves to high standards because we know that’s what you do, and we work had to ensure that you are fully satisfied and that we have exceeded even your highest expectations. We also stand by every system we install, offering a full suite of repairs and maintenance services to keep it running smoothly.

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Why Install a Mini Split System?

You wouldn’t want to use a single mini-split system to cool your home. They are far too small and don’t have near the capacity to provide enough air for larger spaces. However, they do have the capacity to offer effective cooling for smaller areas that might need a little bit of additional climate control power.

As their name implies, mini-split systems are a full-scale air conditioner in a much smaller package. All of the primary components in a central cooling system are there, including your compressor, a condenser coil, blower fan, and more. However, all of these components are much smaller, meaning they use far less energy in the process. Likewise, both the indoor and outdoor components are separated into different units. This makes installation easier, faster, more affordable, and far less invasive than it would be if you were to install an old ductless air conditioning system. In fact, installation can generally be done in less than a day and requires only one small hole in your wall to connect the indoor and outdoor units to one another.

Ductless mini-split systems are great for all of the following applications:

  • Basements
  • Finished garages
  • Workshops
  • Dens/studies
  • Studios
  • Bedrooms or bathrooms away from the central cooling system

Mini-split systems offer a number of great features that make them far more desirable to their predecessors as well. Modern systems offer whisper-quiet fans, low-energy operation, and even Wi-Fi connectivity to give you precise control from your smartphone.

Mini Split Cooling for Your Whole Home!

Believe it or not, some people are choosing to ditch their central cooling system and instead switch to a network of mini-split air conditioning solutions. By installing a mini-split systems in each of the rooms of your home, you can enjoy high-powered, energy-efficient cooling everywhere. However, you don’t have to pay to cool everywhere in your home at the same time. This gives you precise zoning capability, including the ability to turn off systems in rooms you aren’t using and set individual temperatures in rooms that you are! No more fighting over the thermostat or worrying about spending a ton to cool rooms you are barely ever in.

Mini Split Repair

AC Genius also offers a full range of Mansfield mini split repair services, including solving minor and major problems alike. If your system has stopped turning on, isn’t producing cold air, is leaking water, or has any other problem, give us a call and let our team diagnose and repair it so you can go back to having the cooling you count on again.

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