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Air Conditioning and Heating Service in Flower Mound

Having access to a dependable HVAC contractor during the blistering hot Flower Mound summers is priceless. Older AC systems are vulnerable to faster rates of wear and tear. The same can be said of your heating system. 

For this reason, it’s essential to maintain your HVAC system properly to avoid costly breakdowns and uncomfortable home temperatures. Don’t get distracted and worry about your home’s temperature while you are out on a stroll with the family enjoying the murals at Gerault Park. 

You can rely on our licensed technicians for maintaining, repairing, and installing your HVAC systems, seven days a week. Our number one priority as a company is customer satisfaction. As such, we’ll keep working until you are 100% satisfied with the services we’ve provided. 

If you’re searching for an honest and hardworking HVAC team in Flower Mound, contact our skilled technicians today. So the next time you want to go out and enjoy a beautiful day, you have a peace of mind that your HVAC unit was handled with care.


Our Comprehensive Heating and Cooling Services

We provide comprehensive HVAC services in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. As such, we offer every service required to maintain a safe and comfortable environment in your home.

Our highly experienced team is capable of handling any type of job, big or small. There’s a reason our clients frequently come back to us for future service work and refer us to their friends and family.

We provide AC and heating services including:

  • AC replacement and installation
  • AC tune-ups
  • AC maintenance
  • Emergency AC repairs
  • Heating repair
  • Heating maintenance 
  • Heater replacement and installation

However, we’re not only an HVAC contractor; we’re electricians and plumbers too. As such, you can count on us to solve your plumbing and electricity issues as well as your HVAC problems.


AC Replacement, Installation, and Maintenance 

In a perfect world, AC systems would last forever without any trouble or inconvenience. However, air conditioners only last 10 to 20 years and then need to be replaced accordingly. If an older AC unit isn’t replaced, your home will face higher utility bills, inefficient cooling, and various other issues.

Here are a few key warning signs that it’s time to replace your AC:

  • Your air conditioner is more than 10 to 15 years old
  • Your air conditioner requires constant repairs
  • Your air conditioner produces loud or strange noises
  • Your utility bills are rising without an explanation

Before the blazing hot Flower Mound summer arrives, it’s vital to get your air conditioner examined by your local HVAC contractor.

After a thorough inspection of your current AC system, we’ll determine whether you need any repairs or an entirely new AC installation. Although a new air conditioner is a big investment, it brings a variety of benefits in the long run.

Newer AC systems offer higher efficiency, better cooling, higher air quality, less need for repair work, and savings on your energy bills. However, installing a new HVAC system requires the assistance of a professional team.

We’ll recommend the most cost-effective air conditioner possible based on your budget and needs. With over three generations of HVAC experience, you can count on us to install your new air conditioner correctly the first time.

If you need any type of AC service help, give us a call today for a free estimate.


Plumbing Services

You can also rely on our team to take care of your plumbing needs. One of the most common issues Flower Mound residents contact us for is leak repair.

An easy way to figure out if there’s a hidden leak in your home is to check your water meter. However, make sure no water is being used inside or outside your home before checking the water meter.

If your water meter is still moving when you’ve turned off every water appliance, make sure to contact our experts. In addition to leak repair, we also provide:

  • Water heater services
  • Drain cleaning
  • Toilet services
  • Piping and repiping
  • Gas line service

We’ll find the cause of the problem and work to repair it quickly.


Electrical Services

While our name might suggest that we only specialize in HVAC services, we are just as proficient in the provision of electrical services.

We can handle all electrical repairs, electrical installations, lighting installations, and much more. One common issue we see homeowners face is electrical overload. Electrical overload occurs when too much current passes through an electrical circuit.

When this happens, you may notice:

  • Dimming lights
  • Buzzing outlets
  • Burning odors
  • Complete power shutoff

Our skilled electricians can help map out your home’s circuits and provide a solution to prevent electrical overload.


Your Local HVAC, Electricity, and Plumbing Experts

If you’re searching for a comprehensive home services provider in Flower Mound you’re exactly where you need to be. From start to finish, we’ll be in constant communication with you to make sure you’re getting the care you deserve.

Contact the friendly professionals at AC Genius today for your free estimate! 


So if you’re experiencing problems with your furnace, heat pump, or AC system, call us today (817) 341-5160. We’re ready to take your call and be of service!

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