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Heating System Maintenance—Dallas/Fort Worth

Nobody wants to run the risk of their heating system breaking down in the dead of winter in Dallas-Fort Worth. That’s why it’s important to have routine maintenance done on your unit so your heat will always work on the coldest winter days.

What to Expect from a Heating System Tune-Up

AC Genius can help you with basic preventative maintenance which includes:

  • Cleaning your burners, checking your pilot operation and adjusting your gas pressure
    Lubricating all of your system’s moving parts, monitoring the flue draft for safe operation and checking out all of your electrical connections
  • Checking the safety controls on any motors
  • Checking the air flow for the right temperature, checking heat anticipator settings and taking a look at your thermostat
  • Monitoring your system’s voltage and its furnace cycle, checking its exchange and making any recommendation.
  • And More

This routine heating system checkup also enables our experts to uncover any issues that might cause you problems before the winter weather sets in.

All of our diagnoses come with our Second Opinion Guarantee. If you’re unsure of what we’re recommending, we’ll pay for you to get a second opinion from another company of your choice.

Call us at 817-335-3166 for your heating system checkup.