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Unlicensed Contractor Costs Woman $79,495

How a Woman Lost $79,495 Because She Hired an Unlicensed Contractor
Sadly, this is a true story, reported in the Tampa Bay Times…

Joshua Ryan Green was a service technician, working for a legitimate contractor when he offered to work on the side for an elderly woman so she could avoid his company’s service charges.  The contractor was unaware of Green’s side work, but terminated him the owner discovered Green was using drugs.  Green did not terminate his relationship with the elderly woman.

Over the next 18 months, Green collected $79, 495 in the form of 81 checks.  This was money she needed.  Her 30 year old house is only valued at $94,943.  Green instructed her to make each check out to cash.

He charged another woman $12,762 over nine service calls.  To add insult to injury, she paid a legitimate company $5,000 to fix the problems Green caused.

Green was finally caught and bank video records show him cashing the checks.  While Green is in jail, none of the people he defrauded are likely to recover their money.

Whoever you choose to service your home should be a qualified, trustable individual.

When our technicians come to your home in a Comfort Experts service truck, you can be assured that your service is provided by a licensed and insured contractor.

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Is Your Heat Pump Frozen?

Concerned that your heat pump has TOO much ice on it? 

As we continue to have temps at or below freezing, we handle a lot of calls about heat pumps.  Heat pumps function differently at extreme temps as they are not able to pull heat from the outside air for energy.

Heat pumps will naturally ice up in winter but will periodically go into a defrost cycle to defrost the coils.  This keeps the unit running efficiently.  The outdoor coils of a heat pump maintain a temperature below 32° F during normal heating operation.  Because of this, any moisture in the air will tend to cause frost and ice to form on the coils. The more humid it is outside (misty, rainy or sleeting conditions are the worst), the more frost will form on the unit.  Concerned that your heat pump is frozen?

It is not normal however, for the entire unit to be encased in ice for an extended period of time. Proper heat transfer between the outside air and the freon can’t occur if the coils are blocked by ice. This would indicate a problem and should be addressed quickly to avoid serious damage to the equipment. This is why we advise up to ¼ inch is ok.

Different heat pumps have different ways of determining when to go into defrost.  Some are mechanical; others use solid state controls with temperature sensors but all must go into defrost to keep from icing up. During the defrost cycle, the fan on the outside unit will stop and there may be steam let off the unit. It is extremely loud while defrosting and can take up to 10 min.

Are you concerned about your heat pump?  Service is available in your neighborhood today.  Call Now!
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Heat Pump Shuts Off/Runs All The Time

New heat pump owners may think their unit runs all the time because they aren’t used to the longer run times and lower temperature output of a heat pump. In extremely cold weather conditions, a properly working heat pump will run almost continuously. That is the way they are designed to work.

Now, if it isn’t extremely cold out (above 35 degrees) and your heat pump just seems to run all the time, then this does indeed indicate a problem. And along with this usually comes a higher than normal electric bill, lower supply temperatures, and sometimes icing of the outdoor unit.

Below is a list of possible causes. Items in bold usually require a service call. Items not bolded however can be addressed, some even fixed by the homeowner.

Undersized equipment and/or ductwork
Low refrigerant charge
Refrigerant flow-related problem – restriction/bad metering device
Poor efficiency- needs cleaning and servicing
Bad reversing valve
Bad compressor valves
Compressor not running
Running in A/C mode
Outdoor unit iced-up because of a malfunction
Supplemental heat not workingOutdoor unit iced-up – weather related
Snow drift against outdoor unit
Outdoor unit not running – check breakers
Thermostat set too low
Cold return temperatures – examples: air handler in attic and the return trunk disconnected from unit, pulling in cold attic air. Unit in basement with a basement return and open windows.
Poorly insulated house, air leaks

The bottom causes are commonly found problems and can be addressed by the homeowner. Try to check for these conditions first before calling for service.
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