Most homeowners are hoping that their central air conditioning unit will last one more season before failing, however the best time for an air conditioning replacement is RIGHT NOW, during the slower AC service season.

The 16 is the perfect central air conditioning system for Fort Worth home owners AND qualifies for Utility Rebates and Tax Credits.

So Here’s Our Offer…LUCKY16.

Buy a new total comfort system* from us before Wednesday, October 31, 2013 and we’ll give you an installed price that is absolutely ironclad, guaranteed the best value at the lowest cost you can get in the Fort Worth, Dallas and the Tarrant County area for a complete central air conditioning system replacement in that time period.

We will guarantee this in writing ………………..

A 16 SEER air conditioner and an 80% 2 stage furnace with a high tech variable speed blow

er saves electricity while using less gas!

This system carries a lifetime unit replacement guarantee.**

The term SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) is an air conditioning industry acronym

for the efficiency of a system. Most older systems are around an 8 SEER, so the 16 is twice as efficient. What does this mean for homeowners considering an air conditioning replacement? You can be confident that it cools your home for half of what most older units will do. It’s like going from a car that gets 12.5 mpg to a car that gets 25 mpg.
With this special you are getting the premium 16 SEER air conditioning system with a lifetime unit replacement warranty from the manufacturer for less than a system with industry standard warranties.

On Top of All THAT, Comfort Experts, Inc. Ironclad Guarantee Includes:
Best Value at the Lowest Cost in Writing

Same Day Service or its Free

Both the A/C and Furnace come with a LIFETIME UNIT REPLACEMENT.

We guarantee that should a compressor or heat exchanger fail, you will get a brand new AC unit for as long as you live in your Fort Worth home.

If you call before 09 / 31 / 2013, we will also include up to 6” of insulation for FREE with your new central air conditioning system.

Almost unbelievable ac unit financing, with new AC system payments less than $50 per month investment.
We recently negotiated a financing offer that is amazing; it’s the best we have seen i

n the 27 years that we have been in the Fort Worth AC business. With the energy savings and the incredible financing, it makes your new system cost less than $13.00 per week for many homeowners.

You MUST ACT NOW! This offer is limited until the weather helps create a demand. Schedule a FREE, no obligation appointment for one of our Comfort Specialists to come to your home and provide you a FREE, no obligations, in home energy evaluation and home comfort survey. We can give you a free evaluation of your home’s energy usage and needs, and then make the very best air conditioning replacement recommendation for your lifestyle.

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